Solo Performances 

I just love to create music and write songs. Equally, I love to share my creations and my take on traditional tunes with anyone that will listen! Whilst we play a number of my own compositions within the bands I am with, I am also available to book as a solo performer. 


I can't play guitar (can you believe!) but I do have my trusty left handed ukulele and my Bb/Eb melodeon which I often use to accompany my voice. The songs I write come from the heart... or from some place far away... I am never too sure!

A lot of the tunes I write are heavily influenced by different traditional dance styles such as Molly Dancing as I am a musician for Pig Dyke Molly when I get the chance to join them. Border Morris also heavily influences my music along with a lot of other English and Scottish traditional music. Although a lot of tunes I play are not composed my myself, I take pride in the way I innovate and influence the tunes to how I want them to sound. 

Over time, I will be adding more videos to this page to showcase my musical creations... 


Here is a little tune called Captain Bow Bow - a 6/8 jig I wrote to remember the time we took Bow Bow, the Saint Bernard dog, onto the little boat I once owned. She was certainly too large for the boat and the steering was almost non-existent as she paced up and down the cabin of the boat!