Scotland From the Armchair

A one-hour experience (Exclusively for Care Homes)

Experience the rich heritage of Scottish music and culture right from the comfort of your arm chair with the exclusive "Scotland from the Armchair Experience", brought to you by KJ Folk Music. This interactive and engaging experience brings the sounds and traditions of Scotland directly to your residents, providing a unique and memorable entertainment option.


The "Scotland From the Armchair Experience" is perfect for care homes looking to offer their residents an enriching and immersive cultural experience. With Kathryn's expertise in folk music and bagpiping, residents will be transported to the heart of Scotland without ever leaving their seats.

"Excellent afternoon at The Hermitage Care Home in Whittlesey. Our ladies and gentlemen were amazed today. You made lots of people very happy and even made some happy tears 👌👌 definitely recommend 🥰" 

Interactive Performances

The "Scotland From the Armchair Experience" includes live performances by Kathryn Johnstone, also known locally as The Fenland Piper. Residents will enjoy an immersive mix of:

  • Specially adapted ceilidh dances played on the melodeon
  • Popular traditional Scottish tunes played on the Great Highland Bagpipes
  • Some additional popular songs for all to join in with

The interactive nature of these performances allows both residents and carers to engage with the music and learn about the traditions of Scottish folk music and dance.

Dance moves are specually adapted to allow all residents to enjoy the thrill of a ceilidh whilst considering potential mobility issues. The ceilidh dance include a range of gentle moves, such as clapping, various hand jiving, and some stomping and kicks for those that feel able to! There is also an opportunity for a gentle waltz.

In addition to the "Scotland from the Armchair Experience", care homes will often choose to add their own special touches throughout the rest of the day to make the day seem true Scottish holiday. Some ideas include quizzes, displaying Scottish words and their meanings, displaying images of Scotland's beautiful scenery, colouring in activities, wearing fun hats or items of clothing with tartan (usually the care staff), and sampling the famous Scottish dish, haggis, at meal times.

Customized Events

Whether it's a special occasion like Burns Night or New Year's Eve, a special birthday at the care home, or simply a regular day at the care home, Kathryn's Scotland From the Armchair Experience can be tailored to fit all events and occasions. With her expertise in bagpiping and solo musical entertainment, residents can enjoy a customized program that suits the tone and atmosphere of the occasion.

For example, some larger care homes prefer more bagpipes in their performances. Kathryn can march along the corridors for all residents to listen briefly to the bagpipes, with the quieter melodeon to be played in areas such as palliative care, where a more gentle sound is needed. Then, providing there is time afterwards, she will play the melodeon for some ceilidh dances in communal areas where the residents would engage and enjoy the performance the most. 

However, in smaller care homes, residents can expect a more intimate performance as they are invited to watch and participate in a single communal area where the whole performance will take place. During these smaller, more intimate performances, the melodeon will often be played more than the bagpipes as they can be a little overwhelming for some residents when played so close, and in a small space. During the performance, Kathryn always checks in with the residents and fully engage with them to create an exciting experience that they will always remember.

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