Vanessa The Street Organ

Who is Vanessa?

Vanessa is a 21 note street organ made by Mr Peter Trueman. She has piccolo pipes and a glockenspiel, controlled by two stoppers on her side. She makes music from cardboard books with holes cut into different positions to produce the different notes as the book is rolled through. Currently, there is are about 50 tune books that Vanessa can play with Andrew the monkey sat by her side in his brass rocking chair. 

She is a joyous and brilliant addition for all events, especially ones where some background music is required. She is co-owned by myself and good friend, Joel.

She is especially perfect for Christmas celebrations with her collection of festive music books!


If you wish to book Vanessa for an event or have any questions, please contact me. She is a wonderful little instrument and a great addition to any event. 


Why is her name Vanessa?

Her previous owners tragically lost their daughter, Vanessa.  As she did not believe in memorials, they wanted to honour that, but still wanted a way to remember the joy and happiness she brought. They decided to purchase the organ and named her after their late daughter, Vanessa. 

Most Trueman organs have flowers hand painted on them. However, Vanessa is the only  Trueman street organ to adorn butterflies - the Vanessa species of butterfly.  

As her new owners, we have decided that it is only appropriate to keep her name and tell her story. We love it when Vanessa is booked for an event and can continue to uplift people with her cheery music. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she was regularly brought outside my house to entertain and bring light the people of Whittlesey during times of darkness. It is certainly an honour to be one of the owners of Vanessa the street organ. 

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